VR Jam – Day #3

Only had 2 hours to work on the project today, but I managed to get the cursor movement implemented and integrated the C# application code that I wrote on day 1. I also added some very basic functionality from my new LEAP motion controller. Putting your hand over the device triggers slow-mo and removing it returns the speed to normal. I don’t think that I’ll add any more LEAP features because it’s not a supported device and I don’t want to waste time on it, but it is pretty cool.

VR Jam – Day #1

The VR Jam officially started yesterday and I’m very happy with my progress so far.

Here’s some info:

  • My game is called Domino Dash and it is a domino simulation for quickly building rows of dominos to watch them all fall in a beautiful cascade. I came up with the idea a few days ago when I heard about the event. My goal was to keep the scope of work reasonable so that I would be able to finish in the 3 weeks allowed.
  • I’m using Unity as my game engine. I just started a 30 day trial so that I’ll be able to run my game on the Rift. I expect that I’ll probably buy the $75/mo membership when it is done, as I’ve been impressed so far.
  • I’m using Blender to do my models, textures and animation. I’ve been using Blender for years and I’m relived that I’ve already been able to import animated groups of objects into Unity and get them playing in the game.
  • I got Unity installed and running the Oculus assets in the evening and stayed up building my game until 3am because I was having such a good time.
  • As of last night, I have 12 sets of 10 dominos arranged in a circle and I have the animations of each group triggered by a timer. It is viewable from the rift and (other than the low resolution) looks pretty good.