Sony HMZ-T1

Wow, I just got a Sony 3D head mounted display and it is awesome! I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet, but I did make a quick side-by-side render of the top banner. The side-by-side mode works really well and is an easy way to view 3D content (such as youtube 3d). Although it lacks 50% of the horizontal resolution, the 3D image still looks impressive. Check out my render if you have a 3D display device.I found that an easy way to view this is to set it as the desktop background. Make sure the HMZ-T1 is set to Side By Side mode. (I discovered that this mode is not available if your display is already detected as 3D, so you need to turn off stereoscopic 3D from the NVidia control panel)

UPDATE (MID-2013) – I found that the HMZ-T1 is really more of a 3D TV than a virtual reality device. I used it to play some 3D games on my PC and PS3, but the Oculus Rift is where it is at for full immersion and VR. (the Rift also kills it on price $300 vs. $800).